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Omar Vizquel - HAVE List

Updated:   Coming Soon!

Folks outside of Cleveland have no idea how great a fielder Omar Vizquel is.  No disrespect to the great Ozzie Smith, and I saw him play, but Vizquel may be the greatest fielding shortstop of all time.  Certainly the offensive numbers are comparable to current HOF shortstops.  Simply put - Omar belongs in the HOF when his day comes.

Omar says he's going to be the manager in Cleveland someday.  

That would only finalize his Cleveland legacy.



Vizquel Cards in Collection = 400+  (still organizing)

Vizquel Cards in Circulation = 2644

(as of 06/26/16)


00.0% of all Vizquel cards in hand



This is a HAVE list - not a want list. 

If you have something that is not on this list I would be interested in trading for it.

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I'm still organizing my Indians singles and will update this site soon.

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