Tribe Headquarters

Welcome to my sports card trading site.

When you pull that Indians parallel, insert, relic, AUTO or oddball...

... come HERE for a trade!

You will also see many Pirates on my want lists... yes, I'm a Pirates fan, too, and equally interested in parallels, inserts, relics, etc.


A quick note concerning my trading habits...

Please recognize that card collecting is my HOBBY, not my job! I'm a single-parent Dad and the focus of my life is my family... so, I regularly disappear for a few days from the hobby, unannounced and unpredictably.

My professional schedule often limits my activity to weekends and sometimes I can't mail items during the week. I appreciate your patience when you find that I am not responding to e-mail or if my return shipment is a few days behind yours.

It is not my intention to abandon a trade so feel free to e-mail me again as a reminder.


Jim Thome is the focus of my entire collection. I currently have over 4000 different Jim Thome singles!

If you have something I need, I will make every effort to complete a trade for it.

The Link to my Thome HAVE list can be found above under "Player Collections".


My set WANT links and my player collection WANT/HAVE links are located in the links above.

Asterisks (**) on any of my pages indicates a trade is pending for that item and it is no longer needed/available.


I'm always looking for minor league singles from the past 2-3 years as I use these for minor league in-person autographs.

So, keep the "hits" out of your box break and send me the "junk" commons.

Examples: singles from Topps Pro Debut, Topps Heritage Minors, Elite Extra Edition, Playoff Contenders, Panini Draft Picks, Bowman Draft Prospects (BDP BPP, BDPP singles only), Bowman Prospects (the BP cards only).

If you are a collector of in-person autos, this might be of interest:


If you are looking to trade football, my wants are found here....

I'm looking for ANYTHING of the 1970s Steelers, the LAST great franchise - built ONLY through the draft.
Not a single guy on the roster was from outside their system. THAT is amazing!
Sorry, San Francisco, Dallas & *New England. You've come close in more recent decades, but today's free agent game is not quite the same "franchise".

I'm also willing to trade for ANY Indians, Pirates, Steelers, Penguins and Cavs (in order of preference). Ask about "bulk team trades" if you have a favorite team. I'm always moving set singles and slow moving parallels/inserts to team lots. I have football and baseball team lots.

I am an active member at the following trading sites...

Yahoo Group: Trading Bases (tribefan) (tribefan)